Business Services

Financial Reporting & Accounting 

Financial reporting and accounting represent the centre of our professional services, backed by over 70 years of first-hand experience in the regulatory, technical, and legislative changes made over almost four generations. We are among the best-placed accounting firms to provide efficient and accurate solutions for our clients.

We work collaboratively with you to provide practical accounting and financial reporting services. We meet with relevant stakeholders like financiers, potential investors, family office reporting, office holders, and shareholders. Our services cater to individuals and businesses who operate as sole traders, through a company, trust, superfund, partnership, joint venture, or consolidated group. We help you analyse, review, and prepare special purpose, general purpose, and management financial accounts.

We believe that financial statement preparation is the cornerstone of gaining a granular understanding of your business, ultimately leading to trusted advice that aids you in making meaningful business and investment decisions.

Growth Advisory 

We offer targeted business growth strategies aimed at unpacking the dynamics between the family’s vision and the business’s goals. Often, the dynamics between family and business are complicated to align and culminate in complexities that are difficult to navigate.

We set out to define a clear and articulate growth path for our clients, focusing on critical levers such as:

Ownership – mission and values, succession, governance and wealth, and

Business – capital, talent, profitability and cash flow, digital, risk and interaction with owners.

Unpacking the business and ownership levers leads to a well-defined strategy with clear timelines, actions and accountability, ultimately setting your business up for higher success.

Family Office & High Net Worth Families

With over 70 years of experience working closely with high-net-worth families and individuals, we can offer a wide range of services and take an integrated approach to managing your wealth. We work closely with your team to develop strategies that align with your family objectives.

Family Office offers:

  • Proactive strategies and peace of mind in managing your financial goals
  • Regular reporting together with segment and consolidated financial summary of investment results
  • Educating the next generation in managing family financial affairs
  • Partner with you in dealing with succession and intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Develop a tailor-made family office focused on your objectives

Our team will collaborate with you in:

  • Establishing and managing your family office
  • Cash flow, forecasting and budgeting
  • Tax compliance
  • Obtaining ATO sign-off and Justified Trust
  • Philanthropic structures and advice

Succession and Intergenerational Services

Private and family businesses employ between 3 million and 4 million people and contribute up to a third of Australia’s GDP. They are agile and, by their very nature, generate a higher return on their significant capital invested when compared with public corporate peers. 

Getting succession right is, therefore, critical to Australia’s prosperity, and we shouldn’t see intergenerational change as a transaction – rather a journey.

As the region’s longest-serving independent professional services firm, we have first-hand experience helping families transition prosperously over almost four generations.

Our networks and experience give us access to best-practice succession and intergenerational services engaged globally. 

Our succession tools have been tried and tested over four generations, and trust is front and centre of everything we do. Trust in your adviser is critical – especially with confidential disclosures and sensitive issues. This is why we offer our clients a comfortable and professional environment to open dialogue.

Emerging Companies and Entrepreneurs

Not every start-up is successful. However, having the right trusted business advisers partnering with you along your journey inevitably results in a higher probability of success. Our emerging company and entrepreneur services include

  • Tax structure set up
  • Strategic plan development
  • Accessing research and development tax concessions
  • Grant funding
  • Exit strategy
  • Investor funding through our high-networth community