Family Law

Hardwickes appreciates the emotional turmoil family law matters have on families. The tension tends to exacerbate itself even further when defining the asset pool, particularly for parties not involved in the business or who do not have financial control over day-to-day operations. Equally, those with the reigns over the day-to-day financial management can feel overwhelmed when interim orders materially impact the ability to maintain cash flow and profitability.

Our deep relationships with family law firms, coupled with our expertise, demonstrate our track record of providing transparent and articulate assistance to our clients in navigating through what can seem a minefield of endless hurdles.

We understand that effective, efficient and timely outcomes are vital to settling and moving on. We work alongside you through negotiation, mediation, tax navigation and, where required, court proceedings.

The comprehensive services our dedicated team provides include:

  • Advice on tax implications of interim orders and proposed settlements
  • Business valuations and value of business interests
  • Determining the asset pool
  • Negotiating tax-effective settlements
  • Forensic review of financial reports 
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve the right outcome for our clients